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Quan zhou Energy Babycare Co.,Ltd
Quan zhou Energy Babycare Co.,Ltd is an enterprise specializing in the research and development, production and sales of disposable baby diapers, training pants and other disposable hygiene products. Since 2019, the company's "Momotaro" disposable baby diapers have been successfully launched and are welcomed by many mothers. They hope to cooperate with global maternal and child distributors to sell "Momotaro" disposable baby diapers. Provide foundry services: We have the latest technology, here, you can get professional services from R&D and private brand design, production to after-sales service. Our team has worked in the disposable hygiene products industry for more than 6 years. Our team provides OEM disposable baby diapers, training pants, hygiene products, non-woven materials, etc. for the world's top companies and brands.

Flexible production time helps on you rurgent orders

Own the factory, the professional team,provides the best price

Timely communication with customers

ISO9001, ISO14001, OHA-, professional quality control center

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From raw materials to finished goods, One-Station Sevice for you
Three Characteristics of Diapers
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For the Healthy Growth of the Baby, Pay Attention to Basic Functions
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